In this video, we’re going to be building a Raspberry Pi based NAS using all new parts for only $35. This is obviously not going to be fast or have a significant amount of storage, but it’ll be great for a first-time NAS build to learn how they work and how to set them up.

Visit my blog for the written build guide –

Download the CAD Files to Print Your Own NAS Case –

Use rpilocator to find the Pi Zero 2 W in stock at list price –

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W –
128GB Sandisk Dual Drive –
32GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSD Card –
30mm 5V Fan –
Aluminium Heatsink –
MicroUSB Power Cable –
M2.5 Brass Inserts –
M2.5 Button Head Screws –

Tool & Equipment Used:
Creality Ender-3 S1 Pro –
Electric Screwdriver –
TS100 Soldering Iron –
Power Meter –

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0:00 Selecting NAS Components
2:47 Making The Enclosure
4:01 Installing Components
5:17 Flashing OS & System Boot
6:27 Installing OMV
9:22 Testing The NAS
10:57 Final Thoughts

If you’ve got any ideas for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other Electronics projects or tutorials you’d like to see, let me know in the comments section.