My old iPad was getting super slow so I played around with settings, mostly disabling background services. It has made a big difference.

My iPhone XS and iPad Pro 11 2nd gen don’t need any changes to perform well.

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iPad mini 2 released 2013.
Dual core 1.3Ghz, 1GB ram
2nd Gen iPod touch released 2008.
533Mhz single core, 128mb ram

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Just ordered one of these solar powerbanks. Reviews don’t rate the solar charging effectiveness but it’s a good price for the capacity and the lights could come in handy for my 3d printer

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Changes I have made
Shut down apps
Clear history
Disable JavaScript
Turn off background app refresh
Turn of auto app updates
Turn off notifications
Reduce motion
Turn off location for apps that don’t need it
Keep 2GB storage free
Power off completely more regularly
Last resort restore erase all contents and settings