From the tiniest carrier board to the best Industrial Pis on the market, the Compute Module 4 is powering a revolution in Raspberry Pi uses!

But sometimes it’s hard to get one, and we’ll talk about that too! Watch to the end to see some of the other boards I’ll be testing soon!

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00:00 – Radxa Taco NAS
00:31 – Storinator Jr
01:15 – Compute Module Availability
02:42 – Uptime Lab’s Tiny MinCab
04:04 – Home Assistant Amber
04:43 – Seeed Studios reTerminal
06:38 – Chipsee AIO
06:57 – Pi 4 TV Stick
07:17 – Zega Mame Gear II
07:35 – EDATEC Industrial Pi
07:44 – RevolutionPi RevPi4
07:55 – Licoln Binns CM4Box Pro
08:04 – Techbase ModBerry Platform
08:25 – Upcoming CM4 Boards