Recalbox Update 7.0.1. 500GB Damaso test. Raspberry Pi 4.

Recalbox running from Micro SD card
All games and bios files are on the 500gb hard drive in the cartridge slot
I ran scraping to add the game videos, photos and information

Damaso 500GB nostalgia trip V2 build of Retropie used for roms available from
Arcade Punks website

Recalbox downloads

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Nespi 4 Case Given to me by Aknes Retroflag

My fastest micro sd card
Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB Micro SD

4gb Pi 4

2GB Pi 4

500gb hdd

My videos

Recalbox 7 How to add games from USB stick.

Raspberry Pi 4 NEWS playlist

All of my Pi videos are here (300 plus)
Raspberry Pi 4 Raspbian and more