How does the HQ Camera stack up against other high quality webcams? WAIT, you can use a Raspberry Pi AS A WEBCAM?

In this video, I’ll show you now to set up a Raspberry Pi Zero with the HQ Camera and the 6mm lens as a high-quality webcam to rival the quality of other cameras costing even more (if you can find them this year!).

And I’m not going to make you dive into the guts of your Raspberry Pi and compile code or anything like that—it’s just one automated job that runs to set everything up for you, on any Raspberry Pi! (Right now it’s only working correctly on the Pi Zero though!).

Mentioned in the video:

– Raspberry Pi Webcam Open Source project:
– Pi Hut Mounting Plate instructions:

All the parts used to build the webcam:

– Raspberry Pi Zero W (can also use Zero):
– Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera:
– Raspberry Pi Zero camera cable:
– 6mm lens for HQ Camera:
– The Pi Hut Pi Zero HQ Camera mounting plate:

And a few mounting options (affiliate links):

– SmallRig Ballhead Clamp Mount:
– Joby GorillaPod Magnetic Mini:
– Joby GorillaPod 5K stand and ballhead:
– 25 inch flexible gooseneck webcam desk mount:

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00:00 – The Raspberry Pi Webcam
00:35 – Existing webcam problems
02:19 – Parts needed
03:40 – Existing solutions for Pi Webcams
04:45 – Easy Pi Webcam software setup
06:05 – Camera assembly
09:01 – How well does it work?
09:33 – Downsides: AF, mic, resolution
11:17 – Teasers and Bloopers