Manjaro i3 a Cool OS For Advanced users (not me) Raspberry Pi 4 / 400

In the right hands this looks like it would be a great OS.
Manjaro Mate is a better match for me

updated with sudo pacman -Syyu

Installed neofetch with sudo pacman -S neofetch

Alt 0 shut down

More shortcuts on the desktop

Download various Manjaro editions here

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In this video

CSL sata to USB 3 cable
Pi 4 8GB
Kingston 240GB SSD

Tsunbow 32GB SSD white
Mouse 120Gb SSD 21.5”
Pi 4 4gb
SSD Kingdian
Ice tower cooler
Amazon Link cluster case
YCCTEAM Xbox 360 Wireless controller
Kingston 64GB A2
Integral usb 3.1 sd card reader
Crucial 240GB SSD
Fifine Microphone
Pi 400
Kingston a400 M.2 120GB
Samsung Evo 32GB
Logitech K400+ keyboard trackpad Raspberry Pi power adapter black
Official Raspberry Pi power adapter white
Aoduke M.2 usb adaptor

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