Want to get a RasPi robot up and running quickly? Let’s get ROS 2 Dashing installed to create a solid foundation for our buildout! Only prerequisite is that you already have Ubuntu 18.04 installed; see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp99N… for more info.

This video is a condensed version of the more comprehensive instructions you can find on the ROS 2 Index at https://index.ros.org/doc/ros2/Instal…. Since we’re installing on a current Ubuntu 18.04 server image, we just need to follow these three simple steps:

– add the key:
sudo apt-key adv –fetch-keys https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ros
– add the repository:
apt-add-repository ‘http://packages.ros.org/ros2/ubuntu’
– and install:
sudo apt install ros-dashing-ros-base

The same instructions apply to other versions of ROS 2. In order to install ROS 1, add the ROS1 repository with the command:
apt-add-repository ‘http://packages.ros.org/ros/ubuntu’

Check out the Ubuntu Robotics team at https://ubuntu.com/robotics to find more exiting information about robotics on Ubuntu!

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