I wanted to see this mythical place where Raspberry Pis are actually in stock!

And if you look _very_ closely, you’ll see they even had one Compute Module 4 in stock at the end of the day lol.

Thank you SO much to everyone who supports this channel: the viewers, subscribers, patrons, sponsors, members… you all made it possible for me to take this trip to the UK and visit the Pi Store, the factory, and interview Eben Upton, so—thank you!

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00:00 – Dad can’t find a Pi
00:16 – Hello Pi Store
02:11 – Filling the hole Maplin left
03:15 – Scalpers ruin EVERYTHING
04:01 – Exploring the Pi gear
05:02 – Maker wall
06:29 – A little Pi History (in the checkout counter)
07:14 – Buy and Fly a Pi
08:08 – Delivery – and good news!