Today we’re using the Radxa Penta SATA Hat to build our own high speed NAS with a Rapsberry Pi 5 and all solid-state storage.

Visit my blog for the full guide and 3D print files –

Download the 3D Print Files to build your own NAS –

Raspberry Pi 5 –
Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler –
Radxa Penta SATA Hat (Pi 5 Kit) –
Sandisk 32GB MicroSD Card –
12V 3A Power Supply –
4 x Crucial 2.5″ BX500 SSDs –
Noctua 40mm 5V Fan –
M2.5 Button Head Screws –
M2.5 Brass Inserts –
M3 Button Head Screws –
Wavelink 2.5G Ethernet Adaptor (Optional) –

Tool & Equipment Used:
Bambulabs X1C 3D Printer –
USB-C Pencil Screwdriver –
TS100 Soldering Iron –
Brass Insert Tips –
Gweike Cloud Laser –
Acrylic Bending Tool –

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Radxa Penta SATA Hat
2:17 NAS Components
3:09 Designing The Enclosure
4:43 Making The Components
6:08 Assembling The NAS
8:23 OMV Installation
10:03 Testing The NAS

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