The Pineberry Pi HatDrive! is a series of HATs that use the new PCIe connection on the Raspberry Pi 5.

How fast can we get our SSD to go? Can you overclock the Raspberry Pi’s PCIe bus?

Special thanks to Pineberry Pi for sending these two evaluation boards (they did not pay any money nor had any say in the content of this video, but I still mark it ‘sponsored’ since they sent the equipment under test!). Find out more and pre-order one for your Pi at

Other things mentioned in this video (some links are affiliate links):

– NVMe SSD boot with the Raspberry Pi 5:
– Riitop NVMe USB 3.1 external adapter:
– Cytron MakerDisk 2242 NVMe SSD:
– Testing the HatDrive! Top and Bottom (GitHub issue):

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00:00 – microSD no more!
00:32 – Case compatibility and an FPC
02:32 – Flashing Pi OS to NVMe
03:49 – Pi power
04:50 – Configuring NVMe boot
06:17 – HatDrive install
08:00 – First NVMe boot
08:41 – Benchmarking Gen 2 vs Gen 3
12:01 – Debug and more PCIe exploration