Xbox Series X / S. How To Screen Capture to USB.

The Xbox series S and X can record a limited amount of footage onto its internal drive. Using a usb device lets you record for longer and keeps the space free for your games.

Microsoft state that you need a usb 3.0 usb device 128gb or larger.
5 minutes of capture at 1080 is about 500mb.

The capture device needs to be formatted to NTFS with a Windows device.

The Series S only captures up to 1080P resolution. The Xbox series X may go higher. Other Capture device shown Avermedia GC513.

Avermedia GC513. Screen capture 1080 60fps direct to micro SD card. No computer required.

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Xbox Series S console

Arcanite 256 usb stick pictured in thumbnail (not tried)


CSL sata to USB 3 cable

Avermedia GC513 capture device 4K pass through

Xbox series X

Xbox Series S