New updates introduced in Twister OS version 2.0!

Download: https://twisteros.com

Version 2.0.0 patch notes:
– Added Twister OS Dark theme
– Added iTwister Sur and iTwister Sur Dark themes
– Updated Discord app
– Added Raspberry Pi Imager, removed balenaEtcher
– Added Conky desktop system monitor to Twister OS theme
– Added Flameshot screenshot app
– Added AppImageLauncher
– Updated/improved Twister OS theme icons
– Updated Twister 10 cursor theme
– Implemented preloading of Application Menu to improve performance
– Added theme support for WhiskerMenu in Twister OS theme
– Added Twister 10 theme wallpaper
– Updated Winetricks
– Updated ThemeTwister app
– Updated Twister OS Onboarding app
– Updated Spotlight app
– Updated NotificationCenter app
– Updated README

Twister OS logo animation: Finn_Lopes
Music: Evgeny Kiselevich