New features introduced in Twister OS version 1.4!


Version 1.4.1 patch notes:
– Improved ThemeTwister to support additional themes
– Added Raspbian 95 theme
– Added iRaspbian Dark theme
– Made improvements to Raspbian X/Nighthawk themes, added Raspbian X (light) theme to ThemeTwister
– Made improvements to Discord web “app”
– Fixed Steam menu shortcut
– Upgraded LightPad to current version (Thanks Juan Pablo!)
– Improved Kodi support
– Added DynamicWallpaper application (Thanks Jack477!)
– Upgraded CommanderPi to current version (Thanks Jack477!)
– Added support and binaries for Wine x86 (beta) (Thanks ptitSeb!)
– Added “SkiFree” Windows game
– Added Audacious music player app with WinAmp theme
– Added updated Mesa and Vulkan driver (beta) (Thanks Jose!)
– Added PiKISS application (Thanks Jose!)
– Updated README

Box86 GitHub page:
Jack477 GitHub page:
PiKISS GitHub page:

Music: Bobby Cole & Neil Cross