Twinkly Music. Music controlled led lights. Alexa setup Music & Gaming test.

Given to me by Twinkly in exchange for me featuring Twinkly Music in a video.

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Twinkly Music
Twinkly generation 2, 400 led strings

I am super impressed!

If your Twinkly Music doesn’t work by powering on with its own button it may need a firmware update which is performed with the Twinkly App.

I found my iPad needed a few tries to connect in the initial setup, I tried an Android phone Pixel 3A which worked immediately. Once setup any phone/ tablet on my network can control them. Or just turn on the lights then press the Twinkly music button on the dongle to enable music control.

From the Website

Twinkly Music

Twinkly Music is really easy to use and optimized to work with GEN II products.
It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Just follow these quick steps and you are good to go!

Twinkly Music features a super accurate BPM detector, ready to make your
lights dance in sync with music. Far more accurate, far more sensible: you can even clap
your hands and watch as Twinkly grooves along with you!

Like Twinkly has effects, Twinkly Music has drivers. A driver includes an effect and a special algorithm to give a unique shape to the sound. Choose a driver that best suits your mood, your music, and your Twinkly lights!

Strings 400 LEDs Multicolor
RGB, Generation II

Twinkly strings is the revolutionary LED light string that brings the most advanced technology to your home decoration. The RGB colors are highlighted by the special finish of the Twinkly lens: matt and flat, giving a uniform diffusion of the chromatic components without altering the expressive power.

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