The King of Ding!

This is a quick video I made to show how I built the ‘Raspberry Pi Bell Slapper’. The full details about the project—and how you can build one of your own—are in this open source project on GitHub:

Let me know if you like these kinds of projects and I’ll try to record and publish videos about more of them! I usually don’t set up a camera or document things as much on these quick one-off projects, but if you like this video, I’ll try to do more 🙂

Things I used to make the bell slapper project (affiliate links):

– MG90S Micro Servos:
– 3.38″ diameter call bell:
– Raspberry Pi A+ (original model)
– Various pieces of scrap wood
– 4 wood screws
– Velcro (to mount the Pi to the wood)
– Cut piece of scrap sheet metal (for the slapper arm)

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00:00 – Mounting the Bell and Servo
04:14 – The Bell Works!
05:44 – Bell Slapper Python script
07:44 – Email notification script