Retropie 4.7.1 Simple USB/SSD installation plus great Retropie wireless controller.

Works with Pi 4, Pi 400 and more
I was using an 8gb Pi 4

If your SSD/USB doesn’t boot see
USB Boot the Simple way. Raspberry Pi OS. Pi 4.

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YCCTEAM Xbox 360 Wireless Controller a hassle free wireless controller

CSL sata to USB 3 cable

Yucun 60GB SSD

My current setup

Screen capture device

TSunbow 120Gb SSD

Pi 52pi cluster case rack.

Pi 4 8GB

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How to add roms from usb
Raspberry Pi 4 Retropie. Adding Roms and Rom scraping test

Twister OS. SSD Installation, Retropie Setup, USB Roms, adding Dreamcast & FPS. Raspberry Pi 4.

Retropie Supreme ultra V1. Vulkan N64 plus much better Sega Saturn performance. Raspberry Pi 4.

Retropie supreme Ultra. 750GB HDD. Raspberry Pi 4.

Write Retropie images to an ssd, hdd, usb stick or sd card with Raspberry Pi imager

Retroflag Nespi 4 part 2. Retropie Supreme Ultra SSD. Raspberry Pi

Retroflag Nespi 4. More than just a Case! Raspberry Pi 4 200GB Retropie build.

SSD Ready Retropie build. Supreme Ultra Raspberry Pi 4.

200GB Retropie Build. USB boot 750gb hard disk. room for expansion. £12 HDD. Raspberry Pi 4.

Raspberry Pi 4. Retropie V2 lite Supreme Duo Unofficial.

Supreme Pro Retropie++ the best yet! Raspberry Pi 4 GAMES TEST

Gamecube & Wii Setup. Supreme Pro Retropie Raspberry Pi 4. Dolphin Emulator

Steam Link Test. Raspberry Pi 4. 2Ghz Overclock Supreme Pro Retropie.

Supreme Pro unofficial Retropie. Raspberry Pi 4. Upgrading Retropie to latest 4.6.1 build.

CRT Blast Raspberry Pi 4. Dual Screen Multiple Emulator System. 64GB. How to add Games.

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