Raspberry Pi OS Update. Kernel update, Epson Printing plus Bug fixes. Raspberry Pi 4 / 400

Another decent update. January 2021

All the details are here

9to5Linux link

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

* Chromium version 86.0.4240.197 included
* Screen reader support enabled in Chromium
* Adobe have end-of-lifed Flash Player, so it has been removed
* Scratch 2 required Flash, so it has been removed
* Added Epson printer drivers
* Added timeout to hide messages from USB device monitor after 5 seconds
* Bug fix – PulseAudio output was in mono
* Bug fix – brief audio interruptions at start of playback in VLC
* Bug fix – old ALSA output settings being used instead of PulseAudio settings by some applications
* Bug fix – crash in PulseAudio volume controller when used on multichannel devices
* Bug fix – battery monitor failing to load on x86 platforms
* Bug fix – setting of password in startup wizard failed if language was changed
* Bug fix – Chromium video playback lockup on small number of devices
* Bug fix – Chromium Google Maps 3D view artefacts
* Slovak, Italian and Norwegian translations updated
* Added Epson printer drivers
* Raspberry Pi firmware 70f1581eec2c036b7e9309f1af41c651fb125447
* Linux kernel 5.4.83

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