Raspberry Pi 4. Retroarch 64bit with Vulkan.

GameCube and Wii support has been added to Lakka. This was a nightly build of 3.2

Raspberry Pi 4 8GB

Other changes since version 3.0
(Full details in the link below)
* RetroArch updated to 1.9.4
* Cores updated to their most recent versions
* Fixed audio issues on Raspberry Pi 4
* Fixed FMV issues with PPSSPP core
* Mesa updated to 21.1.1
* VULKAN enabled in Dolphin and PPSSPP (Raspberry Pi 4, Generic 64 bit, Nintendo Switch)

Thanks to

Ruben Chevez
@leepspvideo Lakka now supports Dolphin 64bits with Vulkan on Pi4. It’ll be worth trying it. http://lakka.tv/articles/2021/06/05/lakka-3.1/ “VULKAN enabled in Dolphin and PPSSPP (Raspberry Pi 4, Generic 64 bit, Nintendo Switch)

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