Pimiga 1.4 Fully Loaded 1797 Amiga Games & much more. A500, A1200 CD32.

Search Pimiga on the Pi for the article I used. ##Worth reading fully, plus comments as it mentions a virus, but it looks like it only affects original Amiga Hardware##

Internet Archive Amiga Power / Format magazines and LemonAmiga.com are great resources

If you find and download Pimiga Lockdwn edition this is the unzip Password
Unzip Password: ViWsC7oU3
Unzipped with 7zip on a Windows PC

Needs updating to work on a Pi 400, works straight away on Pi 4

To update, boot up on a Pi 4

F12 to launch Amiberry menu, quit takes you to terminal
User pi
Password pimiga

Sudo apt update
Sudo apt upgrade

In game F10, F9 print scrn or delete to quit
(When the game launches it tells you how to quit out)

F12 to launch Amiberry menu.

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