Pi news 57. External GPU working on a Pi.

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3d printed air duct

T.B Martin
leepspvideo Was about two weeks ago. No worries, i’ll tell you again lol Recently picked up a Pi 400, with Raspberry OS on a SD card I used an overclock of 2.3Ghz on the CPU with a 750hz overclock on the GPU and saw it was still a bit slow. Found out that even when using Raspberry OS on a 400 or a PI4 8GB, it still sets up a page file. So even on a Pi 4B with 8GB, anything that uses ram goes to the page file first and not the ram. I disabled the page file with this command: sudo systemctl disable dphys-swapfile.service I then loaded up a 4K demo on YouTube (Sony 4K demo) using Chromium 95/98 (whatever is the latest installed on Raspberry OS) played it at 1080p 50FPS and to my surprise I only dropped 7 frames at the beginning of the video. Played another video and dropped about 7-9 frames at the beginning and that was it. Tried with Twister OS but it kept crashing for some reason that I have not figured out yet but on Raspberry OS I can repeat the same test and get the same results

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