Pi news 36 Mechanical Pi 400, Package thieves Plus Conky & Firefox tweaks.

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Game gear

Package thieves
Deter package thieves from your porch with Raspberry Pi – Raspberry Pi

Raspberrypi.org new documentation



PiMiga 2 gone into final beta

FootBall Tech
Theres a channel named khmel in YouTube who had actually fitted a mechanical keyboard on Raspberry Pi 400 i recomend you to watch that video

Nespi 4 variations

Pi apps libre office msoft theme

S’no F’lah Ke
conky has a config file in the hidden .config directory in your home folder named conky and it’s just a simple text file and changing the font sizes is really straight forward

Jason Hoeflich
Ok, quick follow up, I installed Firefox-ESR in Twister OS, added h264ify, and then followed: Dedoimedo’s RPI4 & Ubuntu MATE – How to enable video acceleration – instructions on his page (even though I am not using Ubuntu Mate). I was shocked to get really smooth 1080p playback on YouTube with minimal dropped frames! A small bit of screen tearing once in a while but I was blown away. Tried the to do the same with Chromium and playback wasn’t nearly as good