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Program Notes/Links:
This week’s video: Raspberry Pi Musical Handwashing Timer: https://youtu.be/xy4YgiGjpNA

Volunteer your Raspberry Pi in the fight against COVID
Please use my link to join – https://join.worldcommunitygrid.org?recruiterId=1122277

Can do this on your Windows or MAC computer too.
For Raspberry Pi – https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/join.action?projectToAdd=opn1#os-linux-debian

Element14 #badass Contest
Caitlin Fotheringham from Scotland
Contest Entry – https://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-94864/l/badass-woman-project-entry-caitlin-fotheringham?ICID=bAfilmfest-contestant-widget
Singing soap dispenser demo – https://youtu.be/oBggtmosY4M
Did not win – video was 27 minutes long
Guidelines were 10-20 minutes

Multi-Language Alexa Skills
“Alexa, what languages do you speak?”

NASA Pendant to help you stop touching your face – https://www.engadget.com/nasa-coronavirus-covid-19-necklace-jpl-stop-touching-your-face-194312229.html
Source code – https://github.com/nasa-jpl/Pulse

Next week’s video – IBM World Community Grid