How to setup and install Android 10 with Google Play Store & Overclock. Raspberry Pi 400 Konstakang Lineage 17.1.

### Overclock at your own risk ###

This also works with Raspberry Pi 4 with SD card, ssd, M.2 and usb sticks.
If you are using sd card you don’t need to change the boot line in config.txt

Thanks to Konstakang and the others who have contributed.

Download Android 10 Lineage 17.1 (link below)
Unzip it. Write the downloaded image to an sd card with

Raspberry Pi imager pi,Windows or Mac

Put the sd card in to your Pi and boot.

Full details and download

20.11. changelog:
* device settings improvements
* fix audio device option
* add CPU overclock option (make sure to take care of cooling if you decide to overclock!)
* add SSH option and improve support for built-in SSH server (see FAQ)
* fix wifi & bluetooth on Pi 400, should be fully functional now (Compute Module 4 support still untested)
* support using HDMI:1 (fix HDMI audio in Android & fix display in TWRP)
* fix touch input on Fondar USB touchscreen (thanks to maxwen)
* update to Linux 5.4.77 kernel and patch known vulnerabilities (CVE-xxxx-xxxx, and more)

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Konstakang Android 10 Lineage 17.1. Play Store, 3D Hardware supported, 1080 Full HD. GTA, Asphalt 8.

Konstakang Lineage 17.1. Android 10 Full details and download

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