How to Play PC games on iPhone,iPad and M1 Macs with iDos 2.

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Dosbox Running on iPhone,iPad and M1 MacBook Air

Useful DOS things to know

Cd games
Too many files to see dir ./p
Dir *.exe (only show exe files in a folder)
Cd .. back one (folder/directory)

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Apple official AV adapter a1438
Bluetooth mouse used with iPad
M1 MacBook Air
iPhone XS refurbished
10.5” iPad Pro

US links
Apple official AV adapter a1438
iPhone XS refurbished
M1 MacBook Air
10.5” iPad Pro

Some of the games shown
Duke Nukem 3D
Need for speed
Prince of Persia 2
James Pond Robocod
Top hat Willy
Action cross
Big red racing
Ford racing
Commander keen 4

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