In this video, I’ll walk you through setting up your Raspberry Pi 4 to boot from any USB connected SSD or alternate drive step by step. We’ll start by flashing the SD card, then copy the card to the drive, move on to setting up the Pi and finish off by removing the SD card and allowing the Pi to boot from the SSD.

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Drive Speed Comparisons:
Jeff Geerling –
leepspvideo –

Get your own pre-cut plywood case kit –

Plywood case assembly instructions –

What You Need For The Plywood Case Project
Raspberry Pi Plywood Case Kit –
Raspberry Pi 4B –
Low Profile Ice Tower –
1TB NVME Drive –
NVME Drive USB C Adaptor –
Argon Case Adaptor –
Sandisk Extreme MicroSD Card 32GB –

Tools & Equipment Used
PVA Glue –
Electric Screwdriver (Similar to mine, mine is out of stock) –

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