It’s time to upgrade to my rackmount Pi cluster!

You can buy the UCTRONICS Pi Rack Pro on Amazon:

Other products mentioned in the video:

– MyElectronics Pi Rack Mount:
– Monoprice Cat6A SlimRun patch cables:
– 25U open frame rack:
– QNAP 20-port 2.5G/10G PoE++ switch:

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Here’s what I’m running on all the Pis:

– Internet Pi (Pi-Hole, DNS, Internet monitoring):
– Raspberry Pi Dramble (Drupal Pi):
– Backup Pi:
– PiVPN:

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00:00 – Time for an upgrade
00:52 – Ansible, Kubernetes, Pi-Hole, and PoE
02:55 – Out with the old
05:05 – In with the new
08:00 – DNS is important
09:50 – Racked up, first boot
10:45 – Three to go
12:16 – Do they still work?
12:58 – Temperatures and enabling features
13:57 – Is it worth $290?