Red Shirt Jeff cut my Pi 4 model B in half. I thought it wouldn’t work at all, but surprise surprise, it works! Well… sorta.

Discover the art of debugging the Raspberry Pi boot process on this journey through UART, bootloaders, EEPROM, and USB-to-TTL adapters!

Blog post with more detail: https://www.jeffgeerling.com/blog/2021/getting-raspberry-pi-boot-after-cutting-it-half

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00:00 – He cut my Pi!
00:30 – It could actually work
01:11 – First plugin
01:52 – Stuck in the bootloader
02:50 – cleverca22’s hopeful post
03:30 – What’s UART?
04:56 – Debugging the Pi
05:38 – Pi boot process
06:33 – EEPROM, what’s that?
07:26 – Other possibilities
07:49 – Thanks for all the cereal