Half Life 100 FPS and the rest! Raspberry Pi 4. PiKiss Simple Multi installer.

Thanks to The creator of PiKiss Jose Cerrejon

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If you would like to turn the FPS counter off, simply edit the config.cfg file located in the games/half-life/valve/ directory. There you will find a variable named “cl_showfps = 1”. Change the one to a zero and poof no fps counter. You can also raise the FPS limit past the 72 listed in the file. It will max out around 105 FPS on the Pi 4. All you need to do is find and change “fps_max” to somewhere above that level. I set mine to 200 and 105 was the highest I got (no overclock). If you look through all the vars you will find that God mode and No clip have been bound to F3 and F4, respectively. You can also change up the field of view by modifying “default_fov” with whatever viewing angle you prefer. If you have Blue Shift, Opposing Force, or any of the other mods like TF
Classic, you can copy the game file directory into the valve directory and they will be available in the custom games menu. Enjoy

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