The TOFU by Oratek is the first board I’ve had in hand that has a built-in M.2 slot so I can finally use a native NVMe SSD directly on the Pi, something I’ve been hoping to do for years!

But it has a few other tricks up its sleeve. Oratek is a Swiss company, and just like the Swiss Army Knife from the same country, it packs a lot of functionality into a 9cm^2 board!

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– TOFU by Oratek:
– KingSpec 128GB M.2 2242 SSD:
– WD SN520 2230 SSD:
– Argon One M.2:
– Ender 3 V2 3D Printer:

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– Raspberry Pi PCIe Database:
– CM4 Boards:
– TOFU Case on Thingiverse:

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00:00 – M.2 on a Raspberry Pi!
00:30 – Oratek’s TOFU
01:13 – M.2 2242 B-key
01:49 – NVMe Benchmarks
03:17 – 4G LTE Modems
03:50 – Power features
04:41 – Board IO
05:41 – My first 3D case design!
06:56 – TOFU conclusions
07:34 – Thanks and bloopers