Fifine K678 USB Podcast Microphone Test. Raspberry Pi 4 with Audacity, iPhone and iPad.

Best viewed with headphones.

Fifine gave me this mic in exchange for a review. I’m glad because I’m very happy with the audio upgrade.

Fifine website

I was using an iPhone XS and iPad Pro 10.5” in video mode to record the audio.
The Garage band content was recorded with the iPads inbuilt screen capture.

Audacity was used to record the Fifines audio on the Raspberry Pi using Twister OS.
I was using an Avermedia GC513 to capture the Raspberry Pi screen and the mic audio from my Blixxo Lavaliere mic

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Fifine K678 mic
My Lavaliere mic Blixxo BLM-10
Pi 4 8GB
Avermedia GC513 Amazon link