Adding an M.2 NVME drive to my Deskpi Pro case. The Ultimate Case? Raspberry Pi 4.

Speed test results
Sequential write speed 307680 KB/sec (target 10000) – PASS
Random write speed 15753 IOPS (target 500) – PASS
Random read speed 17048 IOPS (target 1500) – PASS

Geeekpi and 52Pi sent me the Deskpi Pro prototype and the NVME M.2 adaptor to test.

SUPERFAST storage NVME M.2. Raspberry Pi 4.

52Pi Rack tower cluster case with 120mm Fan. Raspberry Pi 4. Great SSD solution.

DeskPi Pro. SSD ready Passive or Active case. Raspberry Pi 4.

DeskPi Pro. Big Improvements to an already excellent case. Raspberry Pi 4.

My Flexispot standing desk was given to me in exchage for making a video

Flexispot. Awesome Electric Standing Desk. Assembly and test.

My current setup

Nvme M.2 geeekpi

Pioneer 256gb m.2 nvme

Screen capture device

TSunbow 120Gb SSD

CSL sata to USB 3 cable

Pi 52pi cluster case rack.

Pi 4 8GB

My videos

Raspberry Pi 4 NEWS playlist

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Raspberry Pi 4 Raspbian and more