5 Steps to Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Step 1: Purchase (or borrow a Raspberry Pi)
Recommended Kits (that include the Raspberry Pi, power supply, & microSD card)
Raspberry Pi 3 Kit – https://amzn.to/2ESp5LI
Raspberry Pi 4 Kit – https://amzn.to/2Skeigx
You’ll also need: Mouse, keyboard, HDMI monitor and internet connection.

Step 2: Setup your Raspberry Pi –https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/projects/raspberry-pi-getting-started
Raspberry Pi Desktop, settings, and using the terminal – https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/projects/raspberry-pi-using

Step 3: First Python tutorial using Mu – https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/projects/getting-started-with-mu

Step 4: Controlling an LED with Raspberry Pi –

Step 5: Adding the camera module to your Raspberry Pi – https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/projects/getting-started-with-picamera

Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide v3 – https://magpi.raspberrypi.org/books/beginners-guide-3rd-ed

Bonus: Create a GUI with Python code – https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/projects/getting-started-with-guis

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