Sometimes you have to go slow to go fast—with 60 hard drives on 1 Raspberry Pi, I found a way to make it run in RAID!

It’s not the fastest storage server in town, but it’s good for about 70 MB/sec write speeds and sucks down about 500 Watts of power.

Many questions viewers have about the PetaPi are answered in this video.

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Special thanks to 45Drives for sending the Storinator and hard drives used in the production of this video!

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00:00 – The sound of a spaceship landing
00:43 – HBA firmware woes
01:42 – Firmware updates
03:02 – Btrfs RAID 0 – more stable
03:26 – Forcing PCIe Gen 1
03:55 – What’s the Gen 2 breaking point?
04:58 – Overclocking for speeeeed
05:28 – Power to the Pi
06:14 – Price? Weight? Hardware RAID?
07:12 – Multiple Pis? 10 Gigabit?
08:16 – What’s the name?
08:35 – Deploying the Petabyte